Teaching and Learning:

The Science faculty building contains 10 modern science laboratories. Six of these are demonstration labs and the other 4 are full size labs. Each laboratory contains a state of the art interactive whiteboard which teachers and students can use to raise standards in teaching and learning. The department also has a set of laptops to be used in classes.
Science is taught to all pupils in both Key Stages.

  • To stimulate and maintain an interest in Science and to make the learning of Science as enjoyable as possible.
  • To encourage students to take active responsibility for their own learning and to become lifelong learners.
  • To be fully realise the potential of each student through the delivery of broad and balanced science course.
  • To encourage students to understand the relevance of science in their everyday lives.
  • At Key Stage 3 pupils study a broad and balanced curriculum which includes aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Hamilton Science department will is teaching the AQA Separate sciences as well as following the Trilogy scheme of work. They are linear courses which are taught over a number of years.


We believe lessons should be student centred, with the emphasis on learning by engaging pupils with extension and enrichment of the curriculum. We are making increasing use of ICT, practical work, short assessments, low stakes testing and in lesson use of computers and iPads. Pupils will be able to obtain two or three GCSEs in science depending on which curriculum pathway they follow. The science department uses a range of software to help further develop students learning inside and outside of school.


There are two routes through GCSE Science, Double Award (AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy 8464) or Triple Award separate Sciences (AQA GCSE Biology 8461, Chemistry 8462 and Physics 8463)
The Science department will be teaching the AQA Separate sciences as well as following the Trilogy scheme of work. They are linear courses which are taught over a number of years.
The assessments will all be exam based, there will be 6 exams all of which will take place at the end of year 11. Each exam will depend on the course the student is following. For more information on the exams please visit the AQA GCSE website AQA Science.

Hamilton YouTube Channel:

Hamilton Science YouTube Channel


We believe that learning goes outside of the classroom and beyond the school day. In the Science Faculty you will find that there is a wide variety of Enrichment activities and Study Support opportunities to get involved in. These include revision and booster classes at KS3 and KS4.

Staffing and Facilities:

The Science Faculty is made up of a dedicated and experienced team of Teachers and science technicians. We are a highly committed, skilled and friendly team who welcome communication with parents and carers.
If you have any questions about the Science curriculum, please contact Mr M Betts c/o the academy.