Teaching and Learning:

French is taught to all are taught to all pupils in Key Stage 3 and continues as a GCSE option for Key stage 4. An understanding of different cultures and a broad understanding of Modern Foreign Languages is a key life skill, sought by further education establishment and employers alike. We aim to promote cultural and linguistic development through a carefully constructed learning environment, using a variety of authentic multi-media resources.

At Key Stage 3 pupils study a broad and balanced curriculum which includes,

Modern Foreign Languages Year 7

Modern Foreign Languages Year 8

Modern Foreign Languages Year 9


At Key Stage 4 pupils prepare for GCSEs.

Modern Foreign Languages Key Stage 4


We believe that language learning cannot be fully appreciated without a broader experience of the culture outside of the classroom and beyond the school day. To this end we make every effort to encourage students to enjoy and explore the culture of the language they are studying, as well as offering study support for their exam preparation. In the MFL Faculty you will find that there is a wide variety of Enrichment activities, from French food tasting to a trip to Calais, as well as use of French film and music, taster days, French plays and opportunities to write to a penpal in a French school.


French spellings Term 1

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 and 11

Unit 5 food

Unit 5 food – Spring

French spellings Term 2

Unit 2 Myself

Unit 5 food

Unit 8 Media and Technology

Unit 11 Future study

Staffing and Facilities:

The MFL Faculty is made up of a dedicated and experienced team of 3 full time teachers, We are a highly committed, skilled and friendly team who welcome communication with parents and carers.

We teach in a suite of large, modern classrooms, located close together near to a central library. Each room is equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Visualizers and other technologies to enhance the learning of our students. Teachers and students will have access to mobile laptops and an ICT suite.

If you have any questions about the MFL curriculum, please contact Mrs R McClusky-Lynch c/o the academy.