At Hamilton Academy all students, staff and parents share a common vision to Make a Positive Difference.

This underpins everything we do and will help us to achieve the best outcomes for all students.

At Hamilton Academy we work together to Make A Positive Difference:

To ourselves – we support students to aim for the highest standards, not just in lessons and examinations, but also in extra-curricular activities. We encourage them to consider their behaviour and to understand how this behaviour makes a positive difference to them and their future prospects. Every individual truly matters and we support them to be the best they can be.

To others – students at Hamilton Academy are encouraged to consider their place in society and to understand what it means to be a good citizen. The academy is involved in charitable activity and students participate in fundraising for good causes as well as actively helping others. The development of leadership skills for students is a new focus for the academy through our student leadership scheme.

To our world – every day we encourage all members of our learning community to respect their surroundings and make sustainable choices for the future. We take collective responsibility to make Hamilton Academy, Leicester and the wider world a better place.

Our daily values support Hamilton Academy to be a welcoming, safe place.

Through our vision and values we are working together to:

  • Inspire a love of learning
  • Achieve excellent outcomes for students
  • Ensure the well-being of students
  • Instill a strong moral and ethical code
  • Develop outstanding educational professionals.

Our values are expressed to students using the following language:

  • We value always doing the ‘right thing’ and taking responsibility for our own behaviour
  • We value always showing respect and helping others
  • We value always being fair and being honest
  • We value always trying our best and working hard
  • We value always being tolerant of other people’s beliefs